Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Nick Mara, Austin Porter, and Zion Kuwonu all came from different parts of the country, but they were joined together in Los Angeles by superproducer Simon Cowell, the reality TV icon and boy band kingmaker. In 2016, the five young performers became PRETTYMUCH, a group dedicated to the idea of picking up where previous Cowell projects like One Direction and Westlife left off. After woodshedding their songs and their choreography, the group started to earn a following by posting videos on social media featuring their cover versions of tunes by such artists as Childish Gambino and Charlie Puth, and their dancing to music by the likes of Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson. The group released its first single, "Would You Mind," in 2017, followed by ‘PRETTYMUCH An EP' in the spring of 2018. That summer brought the appearance of their Ed Sheeran-penned single, "Summer on You."




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