Los Ángeles AzulesLos Ángeles AzulesLos Ángeles Azules

Los Ángeles Azules

Los Ángeles AzulesLos Ángeles Azules

Los Ángeles Azules


A family affair from the beginning, with more than two dozen albums to their name, Los Ángeles Azules began in 1983 as part of Mexico's young and rocking onda grupera movement. Formed by the Mejía Avante siblings Elías, Alfredo, José Hilario, Jorge, Cristina and Guadalupe, the band hit its first peak in 1996, when their chart-topping "Inolvidables" went platinum in Argentina, the group's second home. A new singer, Erick de la Peña, gave the band its biggest hit to date in 2002 with "Por el amor a mi madre" from the album Alas al mundo ("Wings to the World").

Los Ángeles' most recent surge began in 2013 with the album Cómo te voy a olvidar, an updated re-recording of the group's hits with guest vocalists including Carla Morrison, Lila Downs and Ximena Sariñana. And while the band's foundation in cumbia sonidera's ratcheting guïra rhythm and lilting accordion will never disappear, Los Ángeles Azules took their music to another level in 2016 with De plaza en plaza: Cumbia sinfónica, a glorious powerhouse blend of rootsy cumbia and sophisticated strings.




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