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AP DhillonAP Dhillon

AP Dhillon


Globally recognized Punjabi-Canadian artist, AP Dhillon crafts music influenced by a variety of genres ranging from R&B, hip-hop, pop and rap. The singer, songwriter and record producer uses this range to fuse South Indian and Western musical cultures, curating a unique music catalogue proven to be a distinct force within the Punjabi music industry. AP Dhillon made his first debut as an artist in 2019 with his single titled "Fake" featuring G Minxr. With the subtle hints of maqam chords, blended with a trap-like beat, this song set the tone for AP Dhillon's creative pursuit within the global music industry. Since then, he has primarily collaborated with label mates Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon creating music that has captured the attention of fans worldwide. His 2020 release "Majhail" with Gurinder Gill peaked at number 1 on UK's Official Punjabi Music Chart Top 20. "Excuses" and "Brown Munde" followed suit shortly after, peaking on both UK Asian and Punjabi charts with "Brown Munde" peaking at #1 on Spotify in India. His meteoric rise to the top of the charts in such a short period of time proves to be unprecedented in its nature and his latest release, an album titled "Not By Chance" with MoneyMusik and Gurinder Gill, also redefines the sound and global appeal of Punjabi music. He is also known for records such as "Arrogant", "Saada Pyaar", "Toxic", "Free Smoke", and many more.




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