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Twice took off in 2016 with "Cheer Up," a song that unquestionably delivered on its title. It soared to No. 1 on the Gaon chart and won Song of the Year at both the Melon and Mnet Asian music awards shows. The group got their start back in 2015 on the competition TV show Sixteen, run by JYP Entertainment. By the end of that show, seven members had made the cut, and soon after fan favorite Tzuyu and noted performer Momo joined the fold. Like most K-pop acts, the group have released a slew of EPs — beginning with The Story Begins in 2015 — that have kept fans engaged, as well as two full-length albums, 2017's Twicetagram and 2018's BDZ. Their third EP, Twicecoaster: Lane 1, became the year's best-selling album by a Korean girl group in 2016. The band's strong sales have reminded the K-pop industry that girl groups can sell huge numbers of albums, and their video streams reach into the tens of millions on a single video. When they're not singing, the women of Twice have pulled down major endorsements and a slew of awards.




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