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Born in the coastal Chilean city of Viña Del Mar, Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte came up playing the Chilean bar circuit in nearby Valparaiso and Santiago. Then known as Monserrat Bustamante, the singer gained notoriety on the popular TV show Rojo and released her first album, La Chica de Rojo. A move to Mexico City in 2008 gave her a new beginning, and Mon Laferte was born. Laferte still calls Mexico City home, and she's become the most streamed Chilean artist of all time. Her hits "Tu Falta De Querer" and "Amárrame" (featuring Juanes) each have well over 100 million Spotify spins. The video for "Amárrame" has also been watched nearly 300 million times on YouTube, and the track won a Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Song. She has four platinum records to her name, including 2018's Norma, produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta.




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